Cloud Services

Full stack web applications from frontend design in Typescript through scalable solutions in Python and Go.



HTML and React frontends for end user interactions, administrative support and dashboards for monitoring. Bootstrap and Material UI styling.

Python, Go and Node applications providing API support and related services for the frontends. Business rules processing with SQL databases.

Firebase/Firestore analytics, messaging and data services.

High availability architectures scalable to seamlessly handle loads of any size.

Email, SMS and media processing

Auth0 and AWS Cognito authentication and authorization

GDPR and privacy


Python, Go, Node, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C/C++/C#


Http rest APIS, API Gateway, MQTT

Serverless: Lambdas in Python and Go

Databases: Postgres, Dynamodb, Redis, SQL

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Media Processing - ImageMagick

NGINX, CaddyServer

High Availability